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I see the fabric, I see the dress.

Many of them traveled all over the world. When I see my clients, I imagine clothes, colors and proportions that would highlight their beauty.

It all started 30 years ago in a time of deep totality. Anyone who had jeans from Tuzex was envied, so I kept buying Burda fashion magazines and experimented.

As a model at the time, I was closer to fashion than others. Being thin and tall led to many fashion creations.

Overwhelmingly increasing interest in my baggy Turkish trousers and asymmetric skirts made me open the first of many salons.

I work with professional and individual approach.

All models excel in detail with a large proportion of handwork. I profess simple elegance and femininity. Every client is a celebrity to me.

Podpis 2.jpg

Foceno pro ONA DNES | Michaela Dzurna

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